Creamy Potato Soup

How do I make the BEST Potato Soup? 

Of course everyone has their own idea of what the BEST is. Basically what I’m sharing as with all my recipes is what my family and I find to be the best. With that disclaimer out of the way here’s some things that I find make this the best potato soup.
  • Cook the bacon first! Then remove the bacon and leave the grease. This lets you cook the onion and garlic up in the bacon grease and this flavoring becomes the base for the soup. Plus it gets the bacon out of the way so we don’t blend it up with the potatoes when we get to that part. 
  • Use a low starch, or waxy potato. I know it’s so easy to use russet potatoes because they are large and you can peel three potatoes and be done. But peeling the smaller gold potatoes is definitely worth it. The waxy potatoes blend up super creamy unlike the starchy potatoes like russets.
  • Dice the potatoes fairly small. This helps them to cook up quicker. The quicker they cook, the quicker you can get dinner on the table.
  • Blend the Potato to make the soup extra creamy! The reason we’re using a waxy potato is because it blends up ultra creamy. So make sure you blend it up! I have an immersion blender (affiliate link) that I use. Which is very easy to use. Just turn the heat off the burner and blend the soup right in the pot. You can control how blended you make it, I personally like having a few chunks of potato left in my soup. If you don’t have an immersion blender you will need to carefully remove portions of the soup, add it to a blender or a food processor (affiliate link) and blend the soup.

For Full Instructions, You Can Go Here :

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